DockRight Laser Line Projector

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Eliminate the need for painting floor lines!

DockRight is the world's first plug-and-play system that projects a solid laser line. DockRight replaces traditional paint and tape for striping walkways, cordoning off dangerous or ‘off limits’ areas, creating safe zones outside the area below overhead moving cranes as well as it’s original application, defining exterior and interior trucking lanes to assist drivers in laser precision docking. 

The laser itself is safe enough that protective eyewear is not required around it while strong enough to provide a solid line marking 2.5 times long as the height installed above the ground. Line length can also be shortened through the use of shutters located on either side of the projector.

Green, Red & Blue
100-240 VAC
50/60 Hz
Laser Angle:
90 deg
Laser Power:                
Laser Class:                 
3R rating
Operation Temp:         
-4 to 104 deg F

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