At CYANvisuals, we strive to create compliant, incident-free World Class Manufacturing facilities by using safety products and visual systems.
With a heavy initial emphasis on safety- from the ground up, we carry Ergonomic Flooring and Anti-Slip Systems for every surface and condition to ensures the safety and ergonomic health of everyone on the job. Our wide array of Personal Protective Equipment makes sure they are always safe and protected, in every industrial environment. 
SpectroSIGNs, Yellow Safety Rails, Safety Gates, Floor Signs and Floor and Pipe Markers will keep the facility flowing in a safe and efficient manner. 5S Markers will ensure everything is always where it should be. Traditional Safety Signage to comply with every North American Standard, as well as custom printed signs in multiple materials and in any size will create a visual factory with all wayfinding systems clearly visible, machines and cells clearly labeled and all safety precautions are never missed. 
Now that everyone is safe and happy, we can get to the fun stuff. 
Our absolute obsession with efficient processes and Lean Manufacturing, coupled with our production capabilities and expertise, allows us to work with your team to pinpoint any issues and create a solution for the application.
Whether its a minor communication problem we can solve with a classic Custom Printed Whiteboard, or a major safety issue we can solve with a more intricate visual system using modern technology- we will create a product or a system for every application. 


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