5S/Lean Markers: Small circle diameter

Colour: Yellow
Markers/pack: 12
Sale price$15.00


Increase productivity and reduce waste with our 5S/Lean markers. Whether it is part of your 5S or Continuous improvement (CI) programs, 5S/Lean markers are a great tool to organize your workplace, streamline your processes and realize the productivity improvements of 5S and Continuous Improvement.

Our 5S/Lean markers are created with best-in-class Best-in-class 3M - Logo material designed specifically for floor application. They come standard with textured anti-slip protection layer to prevent any potential for accidents. They have very low profile, and withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic. They feature 3 inch width for better visibility.

Our 5S/Lean markers come in 12 shapes and 8 colours to suit your application.

Marker size: 3 inch diameter


  • Textured anti-slip protection layer
  • Low profile
  • Twelve (12) different shapes to support your 5S, Lean and Continuous Improvements programs
  • Eight (8) different colours to suit every application
  • Best-in-class Best-in-class 3M - Logo material
  Pipe Markers Features - Scratch Resistant  Pipe Markers Features - Best in Class Material

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