Ergonomic Mats & Non-Slip Flooring

Ergonomic flooring covers a larger area than standard work station mats and is available for work areas subject to moisture and oily substances.

Ergonomic flooring also comes in various solidity levels to accommodate different weight requirements for applications and equipment. Harder flooring can be used when working with heavy materials, thereby allowing employees to use transport devices such as carts and dollies. This reduces heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity. In addition, ergonomic flooring reduces the risk of serious bodily injury due to its inherently
softer surface.

Ergonomic flooring comes in various sizes using what Wearwell® calls a “Positive Lock.” This refers to a seamless installation that stays intact unless you “unzip” the components. Also, different colours are available to match the look of your work environment. No fasteners or adhesives are used. You simply interconnect the tiles according to your floor plan. Materials can be trimmed and cut to respect the angles of walls, equipment
and traffic areas.

Maintenance is simple because tiles can easily be replaced without having to remove giant sections of the flooring. However, not all modular matting can be used for ergonomic flooring. Wearwell describes the concept of the “Three P’s” in regards to installation:

  • “Positive” locking: These are the only products used.
  • They make for snug seams and do not move around 
    unless taken apart intentionally.
  • “Permanent” locking: These require adhesives, heat
  • bonding or mechanical fasteners, making repair and 
    reconfiguration very difficult.
  • “Passive” locking: These have connectors that overlay 
    each other but do not tightly lock together